Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Reflections on My Sabbatical (Verse One)

I am in the midst of processing all that went through my mind and heart over the last two months while I was on sabbatical.  Hopefully this exercise in reflection will help me flesh things out a little bit better.

Lesson One
Ursula needs me now more than ever.

I had tried to put myself into the position of slowly pulling back from Ursula and letting her have more time away from me and keeping my mouth shut about offering advice and "reminding" her what needs to be done.  I was kind of even looking forward to having some more me time, as I let her have "her" time.  I would let her watch her shows in the tv room while I was in the kitchen or my room doing my thing.

What I realized, is that Urs needs me around now more than ever, just in different ways.   I don't need to comb her hair or make her lunch anymore, but she likes having me close by.  I still need to keep my mouth shut unless I am asked, but I noticed that when I was home with her, in the same room, her stress levels went way down.  If she did her homework, and I was at the table with her working on the computer or reading, homework went so much smoother.  Her attitude was better and life was better all over.

My takeaway?  We are going to continue to have dinner together every night at the table.  On the night when her homework level is low and we don't have anywhere to go, we are going to play a game of cards or have a walk or something where we can just be together.

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Anonymous said...

What a wise and wonderful woman & Momma you are!! Such good thinking! I think that if I could "do all over again," I would spend more time doing things with all three of my kids and less on perfectionism! Yes, I was their cub scout & girl scout leader, taught them in CCD, drove them here, there and yonder, but sometimes I should have shelved everything and just listened.