Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Construction Update

Can you believe it? The construction in front of m house is almost done! It is almost 6 months ahead of schedule. Look how wide the street is now! Look at the cute little curbs we have!

And looky here! We have a for real cement drive way. I like how the very end widens out so as you turn to back out you aren't hitting the curb or driving on your grass.

The only thing we are waiting for is the landscaping to redo the front part of the lawn that is torn up. Considering the rest of my lawn died in the drought, I am not really worried about them hurrying up with this part. I will confess I took about 300lbs of the dirt that was piled up in the front and hauled it to the back to put in the garden. There is still a ton or two left.

That pumpkin looks lonely on the porch. I need to decorate more.

Be God's!

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